Yandiya Technologies Ltd

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Yandiya Technologies Ltd, part of a Global Group, committed to the design development, manufacture and distribution of next generation heating solutions. Utilising energy efficient high performance infrared radiant heating technologies, suitable for both Commercial and Domestic applications.

These environmentally friendly, affordable, low cost heating solutions are the next generation of heating. With the added benefit of having a low carbon footprint, along with a wide variety of perceived health benefits these heating solutions are also very easy to install with little or no maintenance requirements.

Most of our products come with industry leading 10-year warranty.

All our products are aesthetically pleasing and unobtrusive when compared to traditional heating solutions.

Yandiya Group has a vertically integrated supply chain, with fully owned factories producing the highest quality products for all our customers.

Yandiya Technologies Ltd
4 Brunel Way
United Kingdom

Phone: +44 (0)1329 556575
e: info@yandiyatechnologies.com
w: www.yandiyatechnologies.com



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